Brookside Friesians is thrilled to be able to welcome

Wolfert 467 Sport to our Friesian Family! 

Brookside Friesians is thrilled to be able to welcome
Wolfert 467 Sport to our Friesian Family! ​

Breeding Fee: $1500

Felle 422 Sport x Jacob 302 Sport

Wolfert's name was Yorick v.d. Giesenbos before being approved in 2011. He completed ABFP testing for his sire Felle 422 Sport with more than 90 points. He completed stallion testing with scores of 80.0 

Wolfert 467 Sport comes from a distinguished genetic heritage.  He is from the Felle 422 Sport line and is free of Tsjerk blood.  His motherline is from an older rare sport line. From Wolfert's stam line came 13 approved stallions.
Wolfert has a 17.3% kinship. He is especially valued for his racial type and rectangular frame.  He has a beautiful exterior with a long, elegant neck, and long dry legs. Wolfert has a lot of scope, suppleness and rhythm in all three paces. His walk is long and powerful.  His trot is long and carrying, showing suppleness and elasticity. With a good temperament, Wolfert passes his character and sport ability onto his foals.  Wolfert 467 Sport has earned his Sport Predicate in dressage and is working towards earning his driving predicate. 

Stallion Document 

Hydrocephalus - Negative

Dwarfism - Negative

EVA - Negative

Blood Type - Aa Ca Pa

​0.50% Allowable and Non Allowable White

​Sport Predicate in Riding

​Earned AAA

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Wolfert is collected by Brookside Stallion Station
2021 breeding season

​opening date is March 15 - September 30th
​Collection fees in the US are $375 including shipping charges. Please contact us for shipping to Canada.  
Wolfert is collected at 3:30 PM Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment only. 

Closed on Sundays & Holidays 
Mare owners can confirm by 1:00 PM as long as collection form is on file with  Brookside Stallion Station

prior to collection.

About Wolfert 

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Wolfert 467 SPORT AAA