Brookside Friesians is thrilled to be able to welcome

Sjouke 453 to our Friesian Family! 

Breeding Fee: $1250

​ Doaitsen 420 Sport x Jelte 365 

​Sjouke is a 2005 KFPS Approved Breeding stallion, approved on progeny.  He was approved in 2009. His kinship is 16.8% He completed stallion testing with scores all above 80.0 in riding, harness and driving tests.

Sjouke has fantastic sweet temperament and character, which was especially noted by the judges during his stallion approval. He has nice racial type and correct conformation, as well as good elasticity, powerful movements and long lines. His offspring are especially noted to carry on his qualities. Sjouke was listed in the 2020 Breeding Character Stallion list.

Stallion Document 

Hydrocephalus - Negative

Dwarfism - Negative

EVA - Negative

Blood Type - Ca Pa

​0.3% Allowable and 0% Non Allowable White

​Earned AAA

Current Offers:

10% Off for all Active, Reserve and Retired Military

Sjouke 453 AAA

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About Sjouke 

Sjouke is collected by Brookside Stallion Station

Please check back for information about our

2021 breeding season

Collection fees in the US are $375 including shipping charges. Please contact us for shipping to Canada. 

Sjouke is collected at 3:30 PM Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment only.

Closed on Sundays & Holidays

Mare owners can confirm by 1:00 PM as long as collection form is on file with Brookside Stallion Station

prior to collection.