Darcy has extensive experience in the development of young horses. She is head trainer at Bridle Brook Barns in Malborough, CT.

Davinia has over 23+ years experience driving horses. She is located at Bridle Brook Barns in Malborough, CT.

Here at Brookside Friesians, we are thankful to have not one, but many very talented and exceptional trainers! Dan Dali Haber of Mountain View Training Center, Davinia Saglio of Bridle Brook Barns, Darcy LaChance of Bridle Brook Barns & Mary Kehoe McCarthy of Mary Kehoe Dressage located at Bridle Brook Barns are our trainers here in the States.  Justin and I are very excited to see what they accomplish with the horses at Brookside Friesians! 

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Mary is an FEI trainer and gold medalist. She owns Mary Kehoe Dressage and is located at Bridle Brook Barns in Malborough, CT.

Dan Dali Haber owns and operates

Mountain View Training Center, located in Granby, MA. 

Our Trainers