​​​                   Sjouke 453 ​                                       Wolfert 467 Sport 

Djoerd 473 Sport 

                                            Semen Shipping Instructions

1. Initial Call: Call us the first day of your mare’s heat cycle to alert us of her upcoming breeding.

2. Order cooled semen by calling Brookside Stallion Station at 413-519-9750, the day before the collection day. Orders must be placed by 7:00 pm (EST) the night before. After office hours, please leave a message regarding the order with our answering service and we will do our best to fulfill any after hours orders. Orders may be picked up at Brookside Stallion Station located at 33 North West Street, Feeding Hills, MA if not shipping. 

Brookside Stallion Station information can be found

When placing your collection order, please provide the following information when you order semen:
Name on the contract
Collection day


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