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About Djoerd

Brookside Friesians is thrilled to be able to welcome

Djoerd 473 Sport to our Friesian Family! 

We are excited to announce that Djoerd 473 Sport will now be available to US and Canadian breeders with fresh cooled or frozen semen!  Canadian Breeders will have the option of fresh cooled or fresh frozen semen. Trained by Bronze Medalist Rebecca Eccard, Djoerd will be collected by New England Breeder Services.

Fresh semen will be made available here in the United States as well as Canada to KFPS registered mares for the start of the 2020 breeding season.  Freshly frozen semen will also be made available to breeders who wish to use frozen.

As the first approved son of Jerke 434, Djoerd has exhibited profound abilities in the Sport. During his Approval, he earned an 82.5 in the Riding test and an 83.5 in the Driving test. Much like his sire, Djoerd has a beautiful exterior with a long, elegant neck, and stands 170cm or 17+H. At the Central Inspection he showed a lot of scope, suppleness and rhythm in all three paces: His walk is big and  relaxed, earning him a score of 8 on his walk. Both trot and canter are noteworthy for their regularity and ability to extend.  He shows excellent impulsion, elasticity and a good temperament, all of which he passes onto his foals.  Djoerd 473 Sport has earned his Sport Predicate in both riding and driving. In 2017, he was Reserve Champion of Z2 while competing in Holland With Monique van der Meij.

With a beautiful neck and long, dry legs, Djoerd 473 Sport is a fantastic match for the breeder looking to add height and sport to their next breeding! The judges during the 2019 Stallion Show commented he was a very correct and beautiful exhibit of racial type, conformation and overall breed. He exhibits wonderful flexibility in his movements, excelling both under saddle and in carriage.

Stallion Document 

Hydrocephalus - Negative

Dwarfism - Negative

EVA - Negative

​0% Allowable and Non Allowable White

​Sport Predicate in Driving & Dressage

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