Brookside's Vision 

            Davinia saglio - Trainer                                                darcy lachance - tRAINER

Darcy joined the Brookside Team in 2020 as Trainer. Darcy works with Vlinder van Whoopi Whoopi, Helle and Odin, as well as with Djoerd 473 Sport. She has an extensive background in young horse development and working with a large variety of breeds. Darcy has spent her entire life riding and learning from horses. She's dedicated to the sport but more importantly she is dedicated to listening to each horse as an individual and helping and encouraging them to grow into the incredible athletes she knows that they can be. She encourages their spirit while excelling their training and focusing on their happiness. Darcy is one of the trainers located at Bridle Brook Barns. For more information about Darcy, please see the "Our Trainers" page.

Ron joined the Brookside Family in 2010, where he became a building block of our foundation.  Riding through Grand Prix, Ron trains and competes Brookside's stallions in Holland, based at De Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren.  He also selects our sales horses and coordinates the importing for our International Sales department.

    kayla mikuszewski - barn manager 

Meet our team ​

                                                                                                  Kristen Kudlic - Amateur Rider 

           Dan Dali Haber - Trainer                                               mARY mCcARTHY - tRAINER

 ron steur - international sales & importing

We belong to the following associations:

Pam joined the Brookside Team in 2018 as Marketing Director of Breeding Operations after Brookside Friesians acquired Djoerd 473 Sport.  Pam is passionate about the Friesian breed and owns two friesians of her own. She is detail oriented, charismatic and dedicated. Pam also has an extensive background in sales in Equine markets as well as other markets. We are so thrilled to have her onboard with us!

Nevaeh lewis - JR Rider

Kristen joined the Brookside Team in 2018 as Amateur Rider after being a part of the Brookside Family from the beginning. Kristen is passionate about rejoining the Main Ring after competing successfully for many years in her youth.  Kristen owns four quarter horses and competes in the barrel racing circuit in Texas and New England. 

               Nevaeh Lewis - jr rider                                     

Mary joined the Brookside Team in 2020 as Dressage Trainer to Djoerd 473 Sport. Mary is a renowned dressage trainer with an extensive West Coast show record including local, regional and CDI level competition. She is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. ​She has achieved national rankings, open dressage and all-breed dressage awards. Mary Kehoe McCarthy is located at Bridle Brook Barns. For more information about Rebecca's business, Mary Kehoe McCarthy Dressage, please see the "Our Trainers" page.

Front left to right: Djoerd 473 Sport, Danielle Piascik, Rinse H Ster, Justin Piascik

                                                                                             pam groom - marketing director 

Rebecca Eccard - Trainer

Davinia joined the Brookside Team in 2020 as Driving Trainer to Djoerd 473 Sport. Davinia has over 23 years of experience driving horses. She grew up on the largest Percheron breeding farm in New England where she started driving horses at just 5 years old. For 10 years Davinia and her family traveled the country showing Percheron draft horses at national competitions and state fairs, which included a 6 horse hitch campaign. Davinia also has experience driving in professional movie and TV productions, such as The Greatest Showman and Dickinson. Davinia is one of the trainers located at Bridle Brook Barns. For more information about Davinia, please see the "Our Trainers" page.

Brookside Friesians LLC is a private facility located in Western Massachusetts.  It is owned and operated by Danielle and Justin Piascik and their family, who are wholeheartedly passionate and devoted to the Friesian breed. We specialize in the breeding, sales, and showing of Friesians and the sport of dressage and driving while keeping with the integrity of the KFPS. 

Throughout the years, we found having a team was more effective, and let's face it, more fun!  We have some of the greatest trainers in North America and Europe who have joined our team.  As a team, we work together, play together, and cry together. As the Brookside Family, our mentality is everything is better when it is done with family.

As breeders dedicated to bettering the breed, we know that not everyone is able to financially afford a large sum of money to make having a Friesian a reality. We are proud to offer reasonable payment terms on any of our Friesians we have on the farm, to make owning your very own Friesian a reality! If we do not have your perfect horse, we are available to offer our services to help you find it! Please contact us with any questions or to make an appointment to come see one of the horses for sale.  Brookside Friesians is happy to help you find the horse of your dreams and proud to work with exceptional breeders in both the US and the Netherlands. Please contact us for further information.

Kayla joined the Brookside Team in early 2018 as Barn Manager and Foal Wrangler.  Kayla oversees the day to day care of the horses and is passionate about the breed as well as the care of the foals!  Kayla has 15+ years in the breeding business working at several reputable farms including Tintagel Enterprises. That is where her love for foals came into play. She has been a huge asset to our program and we are thrilled to have her with us!

Dan joined the Brookside Team in 2018 as Trainer. During the 2019 season Dan trained Tanzania ISF for the Keuring. During the 2019 season, Dan competed with Tanzania at the Midnight Summer Classic IFSHA Region 1 Championship, placing in the Top 5 in every class success!  In the 2020 season, Dan started Alark's driving career in May. By the end of summer, Alarik had won two Open Driving Divisions under Dan's capable training. Dan is the trainer for Wolfert 467 Sport and will be working towards earning Wolfert's Driving Sport Predicate in the spring. He also works with Djoerd and Sjouke. For more information about Dan's business, Mountainview Training Center, please see the "Our Trainers" page.